Garages are designed as a place to keep your vehicle protected from the elements, but they are often used to store other items. too. In a busy home, the garage can easily become a mess. These five garage storage ideas will help you organize your garage.

Garage Storage Ideas Above the Door

Use the space above the garage door tracks for storage. This area takes some effort to access, so don’t stash frequently used items there. Instead, store seasonal items like holiday decorations on shelves built just above the garage door tracks.

High Shelf Storage

The best garage storage ideas maximize the use of space. Because garages often have high ceilings, make use of the wall space. Most store-bought shelves are six feet tall or less, which leaves an area above them that isn’t put to use. Pull your car into the garage and open its doors, then measure the remaining space to determine what size shelves will fit. Anchor the shelves to the wall, all the way up to the ceiling to maximize storage space.

Garage Storage Ideas in Hidden Spaces

Many garages have convenient places to store things out of sight. Some garages have access to the crawlspace, which can serve as extra storage space. Underneath a wooden landing leading to the house’s door is a good place for storing toys or tools.

Moveable Storage Spaces

Garages usually have a level concrete floor, which provides lots of flexibility for garage storage. Rolling cabinets and shelves can be maneuvered into spaces just their size and easily moved around when needed.

With some creativity and these garage storage ideas, you can keep your garage clean and well-organized.

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