Reduce Moving Stress With Our Best Moving Tips

Moving is one of the most stressful times of your life. You have just gone through the time-consuming process of buying a new house and perhaps selling your old one, and now it’s time to move your family and belongings. Here are some of the best moving tips to make your move less stressful.

Plan Your Move Early

At least two months before moving day is a good time to begin planning your move. Create a checklist of tasks to accomplish before moving day. A good first step is to declutter before you pack. Identify all the items you won’t need in your new home and donate them or have a yard sale.

Make Reservations a Month in Advance

If you’re going to use professional movers or rent a truck, this is the time to research your options. Waiting too long to make reservations for a truck and movers may mean your preferred companies are unavailable. Reserve your moving company or truck rental no later than a month before moving day.

Save Money With Unconventional Packing Materials

Limit your purchase of packing materials by packing your stuff into containers you already own. Pack clothing in old suitcases or wrap plastic around a drawer filled with clothing. Check your home for empty plastic storage totes or bins that you can use instead of a cardboard box.

One of the Best Moving Tips is to Pack Early

Start packing at least four weeks in advance. Begin early by packing things you won’t need until after the move, like out-of-season clothing or decorations. The benefit of packing early is that you’ll spread out a big job over a longer time and hopefully avoid staying up all night before moving day.

Label Intelligently

Using a bold marker, label each moving box with the room and contents. Put labels on the sides of boxes because labels on the tops won’t be seen when the boxes are stacked.

The Best Moving Tips for Scheduling Utilities

Making arrangements for seamless utility coverage is another one of the best moving tips. Turn off the utilities at your old home at the end of moving day or the following day, just in case you need extra time. The purpose is to maintain access to water and lights while you’re working in the old house. Schedule the utilities to be turned on the day before your arrival at your new home.

Pack an Overnight Bag and Bin

Be prepared once you arrive at your new place so you don’t have to search through boxes for what you need that night. Packing an overnight bag is a great moving tip. Include your pajamas, toiletries, a towel, and any prescription medicine. Pack a clear plastic bin with things you may need on your first night in your new home including sheets, cleaning supplies, first aid kit, paper plates, plastic utensils, disposable cups, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets on Moving Day

Children can get in the way on moving day and pets may get stressed or frightened. If you aren’t moving too far away, leave kids and pets with a sitter until it’s time to travel to the new house. An alternative is to occupy children by giving them tasks.

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